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Lake Fork is one of the best fishing lakes in the country, filled with submerged timber, ideal for bass, crappie and catfish.

Lake Fork Guide Lanes
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Not a local guide or pro angler? 

Getting around can be challenging. Many of the trees have broken off just below the water's surface and the current buoy system is inadequate.

Having to replace a broken prop or fixing a motor can ruin that tournament you've been planning for months.

  • Boat prop repair, $500 to $1,000

  • Boat hull repair $900 to $1,800

  • Lower unit repair, $2,000+

Putting your boat in the shop is never a good feeling.​ How do the guides do it?



Lake Fork Guide Lanes 

1,000+ waypoints for safer access in heavily timbered and less pressured areas of Fork.


Navigate through Lake Forks waters like the best guides, experienced local anglers, and top bass fishing professionals for only $60.


Drive Less, Catch More™

Guide Lanes were carefully mapped out during the peak of the drought in 2014 when the lake was over 7' low, its lowest point since its final stages of filling in 1985. 

Be Smart, Be Safe. 

  • Never rely solely on GPS devices or data.

  • Navigate non-SRA cleared lanes at your own risk.

  • Always wear a life jacket in a moving boat.

The submerged timber on Lake Fork is changing daily, use this product at your own risk.

Created by Lake Fork Guide:



Lake Fork Largemouth Bass Guide

"These lanes were created during the 2014 drought when the water level was 7ft low.  Getting around the lake faster really helped my business."

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