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Installation: (READ THIS FIRST)
Please read disclaimer before using Lake Fork Guide Lanes data.

Uploading Lake Fork Guide Lanes to your Lowrance unit:
1. Insert SD Card Adapter / microSD Card into one of the device slots.

2. Press (HOME) button on the Lowrance unit.

​3. On the screen, select the icon (Files).

4. Select Memory Card R or L, depending on slot used.

5. Select the file 'LFGL_LOWRANCE.GPX'. Press IMPORT.

6. Are you sure? Press YES to complete import.

7. To ensure that the waypoints loaded onto the correct GPS locations, after loading go to the coordinates N 32degree49.201' W 95degree33.560'.  If these GPS coordinates are a waypoint labeled as a 'SRA' then the LFGL Waypoints most likely loaded correctly.

8. To also ensure all of the waypoints loaded check the total number, which should equal 1,081.

Navigating Lake Fork using Guide Lanes waypoints:
Turn on your heading/course extension, enable your GPS unit to portray your vessel's direction. Line up your track extension / course projection line and aim at the next closest waypoint. Travel waypoint to waypoint in a series.

Waypoints labeled 'Chaney, Ray, Dale, Wolf, etc." are cove/creek names.
Waypoints labeled 'SLOW' need to be navigated at idle speed or slower.
Waypoints labeled 'JUNCTION' are where two or three lanes connect.
Waypoints labeled 'SRA' are the most optimal buoy positions and can be run at faster than idle speed.

*PLEASE ADVISE: All non-SRA labeled waypoints were dropped in choke points between timbered areas and it is important to drive directly over each waypoint coordinate as you follow them in a series. By using your heading or course extension while navigating, you can aim towards the next waypoint/icon to help guide you. Never rely solely on GPS devices or data for navigation.


Make sure your unit is on and running the most up-to-date software version. 
If your unit is not reading the card at all, it needs to be re-inserted, eject and re-insert.

If your unit is in a covered garage or building, the GPS may not load the map screen.

Most marine navigation units allow a maximum amount of waypoints so before loading Lake Fork Guide Lanes waypoints, make sure that your existing waypoints combined will not exceed the unit's maximum capacity.  If the number of waypoints will exceed the maximum, then put a blank SD card into your graph, find the (Navigation) Tab in Menu, click on (Waypoints, Routes, and Trails), click (Select All And Export to SD Card), click (Yes).  To delete your waypoints after saving them to an SD Card find (Navigation) Tab in Menu, click on (Waypoints, Routes, and Trails), then click (Select All and Delete), click (Yes) to confirm.

If some waypoints are small and others are large find the (Tools Tab) in the (Menu) then change User Mode from (Basic) to (Advanced User Mode) then under the (Navigation Tab) in the (Menu), turn Waypoint Decluttering to "OFF".

​Having a specific issue that isn't listed here? Contact us.

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