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Navigate through Lake Forks dangerous waters like the best guides, experienced local anglers, and top bass fishing professionals.​ Discover safer access to the heavily timbered and less pressured areas of Lake Fork, Texas.



850+ Guide Lane Waypoints
200+ SRA Bouy Lane Waypoints


Guide Lanes were carefully mapped out during the 2014 drought when the lake was 7' low, the lowest point since its final filling stages in 1985.

  • Return & Exchange Policy

    LFGL with receipt that are unopened, still in original packaging, new condition, and show no evidence of tampering can be returned for a full refund or exchanged for a Garmin or Lowrance version within 10 days. 


    For all product returns or exchanges please use our contact form

  • Shipping

    USPS First Class 4-7 days

  • Disclaimer

    The use of Lake Fork Guide Lanes software or data is done entirely at your own risk.  Lake Fork Guide Lanes and its agents and partners are not responsible for any damage to equipment, devices and other property, personal injury or death resulting from the use of Lake Fork Guide Lanes software or data.


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  • Compatibility

    Will this data work with my graph?

    2004-2020 Models with MATRIX data folder reading capability

    Tested devices: 800/900/1000/1100 SERIES

    HELIX 7, 9, 10, 12


    Contact us to have your Humminbird model added to this list.

  • Install

    Uploading waypoints to your graph:

    1.  Insert SD Card into one of the device slots.

    2.  Wait for the screen to ask if you would like to upload the Nav Data.

    3.  Press the cursor right to reply yes.


    4.  Wait, (10-45 Seconds) for the 1,081 waypoints to load.


    Make sure your graph is running the most up-to-date software version.


    If your graph isn't reading the card, eject and re-insert.

    Most marine navigation units allow a maximum amount of waypoints so before loading Lake Fork Guide Lanes waypoints, make sure that your existing waypoints combined will not exceed the unit's maximum capacity.  If the number of waypoints will exceed the maximum, then put a blank SD card into your graph, find the (Navigation) Tab in Menu, click on (Waypoints, Routes, and Trails), click (Select All And Export to SD Card), click (Yes).  To delete your waypoints after saving them to an SD Card find (Navigation) Tab in Menu, click on (Waypoints, Routes, and Trails), then click (Select All and Delete), click (Yes) to confirm.


    If some waypoints are small and others are large find the Tools Tab in the Menu then change User Mode from Basic to Advanced User Mode then under the Navigation Tab in the Menu, turn Waypoint Decluttering to "OFF".  Also Include: Low and HB Upload Instructions and How to Create a Track Line with both HB and Low Units!

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